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Our sample preparation products are proven to provide accurate, consistent results for laboratories across the country. Whether you are looking for enzymes to hydrolyze a higher percent of drug, or an SPE product for protein purification, our products perform consistently every time.


Our team of R&D scientists are consistently testing and validating new products. We use real samples to validate all of our products to provide accurate testing conditions. You can depend on our team of PhD. scientists and laboratory professionals to provide confidential method development and collaboration for your next project.


IMCS believes in investing in the scientists and technologies that enable our clients to achieve unsurpassed results. With over 1/3 of our staff dedicated to the scientific integrity of our products and services, we are committed to delivering consistent value to our clients. We demonstrate this commitment by delivering confidential, on-site custom development to ensure you are achieving your objectives for testing efficiency and accuracy




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  • Comprehensive hydrolysis in <30 minutes or less
  • Reduce matrix effects – less interferents 
  • Deconjugate 100% of glucuronides
  • Decrease preparation times and increase throughput


  • Patented dispersive pipette extraction technology for streamlined solid phase extraction
  • Compatible with automated liquid handling systems
  • Fast, high, consistent recoveries 
  • Method development for specific applications