Affinity chromatography is a method of separating biochemical mixture based on a highly specific interaction between proteins and a rigid base matrix. The high selectivity of affinity chromatography is caused by allowing the desired molecule to interact with the stationary phase and be bound within the column in order to be separated from the undesired material which will not interact and elute first. The process creates a competitive interaction between the desired protein and the immobilized stationary molecules and the now highly purified proteins are eluted. 

How Does Our Product Work?

IMCStips Affinity product line uses patented dispersive resin technology to enrich for analytes of interest known to have affinity for different biomolecules. The dispersive extraction technology facilitates enhanced binding of analytes of interest leading to shorter incubation and processing times. Our tip technology enables the extraction of the target protein during pipetting steps of the liquid samples resulting in consistent, high recoveries. IMCStips are packaged with recombinant protein A, G or L conjugated to a rigid base matrix that demonstrates consistent recovery of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. IMCStips with streptavidin conjugated resin can be used to perform multi-step affinity purification of biotinylated targets. Recombinant proteins with polyhistidine tag can be enriched using IMCStips Ni-IMAC or Co-IMAC.


Benefits of Affinity IMCStips:

  • Rapidly yields small but valuable quantities of pure recombinant protein in a single chromatography step
  • Consistent, high recoveries resulting in less than 10% variance across 96 samples
  • Process 96 samples in minutes
  • Templated workflows that combine complex methods
  • Delivered with Hamilton Microlab STAR pre-programmed software scripts with an intuitive user interface to control sample volumes, aspirate/dispense cycles and wash steps


Affinity Purification Products for the Hamilton Microlab Star ™ Series:

  • STAR ™
  • STARlet ™
  • STARplus

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