The principle of size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) is that molecules do not interact with the stationary phase and pass through the column at varying rates based on the size of the molecules, with the larger molecules passing through the column and eluting earlier than the smaller molecules. Unlike other chromatography techniques, molecules interact with the chromatography resin based on the molecular size and the porosities, which means that buffer composition does not directly affect resolution (the degree of separation between peaks). This chromatography technique is beneficial for exchanging buffers and salts which can interfere with the next step analytical procedures such as enzyme-based assays.


Size exclusion chromatography is widely used in several different analytical applications from basic research to quality control of biotherapeutics. It is a very effective method for protein analysis and it allows true size profiling of protein samples due to the mild separation conditions that can be used to obtain high-resolution separations.

How Does Our Product Work?

The IMCStips SizeX product line is designed for automated high-throughput applications. The pipettes are packed with a porous matrix of chemically and physically stable spherical particles with properties that minimize absorption of biomolecules. These resins lack reactivity and absorptive properties providing high recoveries of biomolecules. SizeX products are designed to work with chaotropic salts such as 6 M guanidine for efficient reduction of guanidine prior to trypsin/LysC digestion, which is typically implemented in bioanalytical procedures such as multi-attribute monitoring (MAM).


Benefits of Size X IMCStips:

  • Eliminates centrifugation requirements for buffer exchange
  • Precise flow rate controls to achieve ideal size separations
  • Fully automated process with little or no manual intervention
  • Readily coupled with additional automated workflows such as Multi-attribute monitoring, recombinant protein purification, and IgG purification
  • Delivered with Hamilton Microlab STAR pre-programmed software scripts with an intuitive user interface to control sample volumes, aspirate/dispense cycles and wash steps


Size X Products for the Hamilton Microlab Star ™ Series:

  • Star ™
  • Starlet ™
  • Starplus

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