Ion exchange chromatography involves separating ionizable molecules such as proteins, peptides, amino acids, or nucleotides, based on charge. This technique enables the separation of similar types of molecules that would be difficult to separate by other chromatography techniques by altering the buffer pH to separate the charge carried by the molecule of interest. Due to the high capacity of most ion-exchangers, this chromatography technique can also be used for capture of a mixture of same- charge proteins from large-volume of diluted samples, then proteins are eluted with decreased volume to concentrate the sample. Ion exchange resins can be used for polishing proteins purified using affinity resins, or as the initial chromatography step for crude preparations.

How Does Our Product Work?

The IMCStips Ion Exchange product line is designed for automated high throughput with a customizable screening workflow. IMCS offers automated scripts with the ability to screen different wash and elution buffers and a number of different resins in a single experiment. Using the benefits of automation, precise aspiration and dispense flow rates are coupled with a dispersive resin technology for fast, accurate, and consistent solid phase extraction processes. The patented dispersive technology facilitates enhanced binding due to the loose resin combined with turbulent mixing, leading to shorter processing times. Our “Just Click Go” workflows are flexible to allow 1-96 extractions in less than 15 minutes.


Benefits of Ion Exchange IMCStips:

  • A range of ion exchange resins with varying porosities and different degrees of charges
  • Consistent, high recoveries resulting in less than 10% variance across 96 samples
  • Fully automated process with little or no manual intervention
  • Templated workflows that combine complex methods
  • Delivered with Hamilton Microlab STAR ™ pre-programmed software scripts with an intuitive user interface to control sample volumes, aspirate/dispense cycles and wash steps


Ion Exchange Products for the Hamilton Microlab Star ™ Series:

  • Star ™
  • Starlet ™
  • Starplus

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