At IMCS, our goal is to develop tools for proteomics that accelerate the understanding of protein functions and discovery biomarkers. IMCStips use a patented technology known as dispersive pipette extraction (DPX). This technology, has three key benefits that enhance sample preparation. 

  1. A wide range of resins are available in the dispersive pipette extraction platform. Resins range from Protein A/G for immunoglobulin purification to charged resins for separation by charge. 
  2. The loose resin and patented disperser design introduces turbulent mixing during aspirate and dispense steps to increase interaction between the target analyte and resin, to achieve rapid isolation. 
  3. IMCStips are compatible with automated liquid handling systems. Automation + IMCStips = Consistent, high recoveries.

Based on these three key features, IMCStips provide scientists with a variety of tools to quickly achieve separations for downstream studies.









Anatomy of imcstips

Barrier – Filter to prevent contamination
Disperser – Forces turbulent mixing between loose resin and sample for increased binding
Loose Resin – Completely mixes with sample during aspirate and dispense steps
Frit – Contains the loose resin

Automated Sample Preparation

IMCStips methods can be used on most automated liquid handling systems. Our scientists have developed methods for a variety of protein and peptide sample processing. 


The application of proteomic technologies for clinical medicine, or clinical proteomics, relies on rapid protein or peptide identification with a high level of consistency. Automate your workflow and reduce sample preparation time from hours to minutes.

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IMCStips facilitate the extraction of fragmented proteins known as peptides. Peptidomics is an emerging field branching from proteomics that targets endogenously produced protein fragments. Endogenous peptides are often functional within the body can be beneficial or detrimental.

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